FarWest Aviation, LLC

Flabob Airport, (RIR) Hangar 23

4130 Mennes Ave

Riverside, CA 92509


We do tube and fabric coverings with custom paint work. All recovering jobs, assuming complete aircraft is done using Stits Polyfiber materials (or other processes if necessary). The following steps outline the recovering process for an aircraft:

  1. Aircraft is disassembled into major components, wings, ailerons, flaps, fuselage, elevator, stabilizer, rudder, etc.
  2. The fabric is removed and stored for reference
  3. Steel parts are bead blasted
  4. Aluminum parts are cleaned
  5. All parts are inspected for problems and repaired. Major repairs are not in the quote.
  6. All parts are primed using an epoxy primer
  7. Fabric is applied to the parts using the appropriate manual
  8. Coatings up to silver are applied with reference to the appropriate manual.
  9. The aircraft would then be assembled and rigged.
  10. Once the rigging is locked into place, it is ready to be disassembled for the final color coats.
  11. The color coat pricing is not in the quote as this is always time and materials.
  12. The aircraft would then be reassembled ready for test flight.

All work is done according to the covering STC being used. Once the process is completed, then the customer basically has an almost new aircraft.

For example, we recently restored a Pitts S2 wings with a custom paint job. Pictures Below with Dave pleased with himself for getting the checkers right.

Wood being cleaned and re-varnished
Checks being finished on bottom of wing


Call either Jan at 951/318-5215, (e-mail jan@farwest-aviation.com ), Roger at 909/519-4427 (email roger@farwest-aviation.com ) or you may leave a message on 951/684-4300 for additional information and current rates.


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