FarWest Aviation, LLC

Flabob Airport, (RIR) Hangar 23

4130 Mennes Ave

Riverside, CA 92509


We perform Annual, 50hr, 100 hr., Conditional and Progressive inspections on general aviation, piston aircraft. We understand the testing of fabric aircraft and provided that the paint is in good conditon, there will be no ringworm created by the fabric testing. All work is performed at our hangar at Flabob only.

We allow owner assisted annuals provided there is the commitment to work 7-8 hours per day for the continuous time to do the inspection. The average annual takes between 2 and 5 days depending on the complexity of the aircraft. For examle, an Aeronca Chief takes approximately 2 days to complete the inspection and a Beachcraft Bonanza takes approximately 4 - 5 days. At the end of that time, the items that must be repaired for the aircraft to be airworthy must be accomplished.

Call either Jan at 951/318-5215, (e-mail jan@farwest-aviation.com ) or Roger at 909/519-4427 (email roger@farwest-aviation.com ) for additional information and current rates.


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