FarWest Aviation, LLC

Flabob Airport, (RIR) Hangar 23

4130 Mennes Ave

Riverside, CA 92509


Aircraft currently undergoing preperation

Aircraft prepaired for shipping

Farwest Aviation has successfully shipped several aircraft to other countries. These pictured here are a Stearman and a AirCam. Both were disassembled and fittings were constructed to hold the components for shipping in 40 ft. shipping containers. The aircraft were then secured in their respective containers for shipping.

Farwest does NOT do the export paperwork. This is left up to the purchaser.

Call either Jan at 951/318-5215, (e-mail jan@farwest-aviation.com ), Roger at 909/519-4427 (email roger@farwest-aviation.com ) or you may leave a message on 951/684-4300 for additional information.

Fuselage and engine secured Rear view of fuselage
Elevator Secured for shipping Rudder secured for shipping
Lower wings secured for shipping Upper wings secured for shipping
AirCam Engines on Palet for shipping
AirCam Wing secured for shipping
AirCam Wing secured for shipping
AirCam from loading door of container




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